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Tack, jag förstår

Vecka 39 Tisdag 27 september Grattis Dagmar, Rigmor
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Börskursen på vår hemsida visar indexet Cboe SE 30 som representerar de 30 största svenska bolagen. Detta index följer OMXS30. Kurserna är 15 minuter fördröjda. Siffrorna levereras av Millistream.


Welcome to the pure Wild West!

At High Chaparral you will meet Indians, trappers, Mexicans and cowboys. So, keep a firm hold of your hat! Here you will find exciting shows, rides, and things worth seeing, and a whole lot of activities. The amusement park is larger than you can imagine and therefore there are a wealth of restaurants and shops of all kinds.

The sheriffs are continuously patrolling the High Chaparral streets to prevent bandits from dirty actions.

One of the most popular family pleasures in Sweden
- When we started to build a fort back in 1966 none of us realised what it in fact would mean to people. And after all these years that people would continue coming year after year from far and near to experience the myth and the reality of the Wild West.

Here with us at the High Chaparral you can try it all; from horse riding and gold washing to the odd feeling of caressing a bison or take a ride by the
steam engine train or paddler

Why a Wild West theme park?
- It was our wish visibly to give a tribute to all those who departed from their lives in the Old World to create new ones in the New World. It was an important factor of course that so many of our ancestors from the neighbourhood here in the province of Småland belonged to this big group of settlers.

Get yourself seated at the Wild West Arena and enjoy a real western show. Professional stuntmen and stuntwomen perform stunts among beautiful women and tough bandits involved in wild fights.

Other shows in addition to the Wild West Arena are shows with Lucky Luke, Indians, Mexicans and saloon-jokers.

Conferences kick-off or party
The possibilities of combining memorable activities are unlimited at the High Chaparral. We have great experience of preparing tailored arrangements for all kinds of conferences and celebrations.
So next time you are planning an exciting holiday, an appreciated conference, kick-off or party, make it something extra. At High Chaparral you will get the truly unique environment as a bonus! A chance to experience the Wild West as it once was.


High Chaparral Sweden AB

Telefon: 037082700

BOX 56