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Made in Ewes – a question of quality

A long-term goal is to be able to provide our customers with locally made products. Most of our customers have their headquarters in Scandinavia but often have production facilities in Eastern Europe, it has become natural to expand in that area.

 -But the focus is not on where a product is manufactured. You should expect Ewses-quality when doing business with us. "Made in Ewes", says CEO Anton Schön.

"We are gearing up for the future," says CEO Anton Schön. Ewes AB in Bredaryd expands to meet increased customer demand.

A clearer name

It was all started with steel springs, but as the business area environment (with qualifying products for flue gas purification) and engineering (advanced consulting within technology development) plant grew, there was also a need to clarify this to the customer. Therefore we named the company Ewes, short and simple.

 "We are consolidating the company, we strive for our business areas to complement each other, says Anton Schön.

Growth in engineering

A concrete example is the acquisition of Ferroal in skånska Eslöv a year ago. In addition to the production of conveyors to the environmental side, Ewes has also enhanced business with a engineering team.

 -We have also moved our tool design to engineering so that everything is consolidated. We also see notice that our customers see the need for our technical consulting, says Anton Schön.

At the same time we still have Ewes biggest challenge: to inform  the customers on the tremendous opportunities a spring coil can have when building a feature in the early design stage.

 -Unfortunately many see a coil as a mere fastener, not as an element of design. It is our biggest problem today, says Anton.

Last years acquisition of Skånska Ferroal has strengthened the environmental side of both Ewes AB and in engineering. A couple of examples from this series is the conveyor screw, as well as a lifter.

Expansion and more expansion

"But we are making progress," said Anton.


Sure the economy could be better, he says, but to sit around and complain will lead to nothing. Therefore, among other things, we have invested in new machines, for both the coil and the environmental side.

We are gearing up for the future. Here in Bredaryd, we have submitted a building permit for new warehouse and internal space.  We are expanding to meet our customers increasing needs, says Anton.

A spring is more than a fastener. Ewes AB delivers qualified spring solutions in composite products where spring plays a vital role in the actual design.

We are taking a stand for industry in Sweden

Long-term goals is a given for Ewes AB, Anton believes in the future of both  the company and the nation. He believes in Sweden as an industrial nation but would like the state to have the same goals.

-There are too few statesmen who take their responsibility  for the industrial nation of Sweden today. In the best of worlds, I would want to see a debate between Parliament and the Government making it clear that Sweden will continue to be an industrial country. But there doesn’t seem to be a clear agenda for the future of Sweden, says Anton.

Text & photo: Gabriella Mellergårdh


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