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Speed makes Axelent a unique supplier!

Speed is the most distinctive element of Axelent. The company manufactures and sells mesh wall systems for machine builders, warehouse designers and building contractors.

- The speed is our niche, Stefan Axelsson, sales manager, says.
- To produce mesh walls is no tricky job. To deliver them as quickly as we do, however, makes all the difference and it really speeds up business!

When entering the Axelent homepage ( you see a Formula 1 car, in yellow and black, with "Axelent" printed over the side, with spinning wheels. You really get the message. Axelent was established in 1990, but only in the last five years the Axelent speed became a well-known fact to the market.

- We serve our customers in the best way possible by offering a standardised range, streamlined production and well-grounded logistics thinking, irrespective of where the customers are situated, Stefan Axelsson says.

Using FlexiGuard, the most sold Axelent machinery guard, around your machines offers a perfect protection conforming to today's requirements and standards.

When our customers' rebuilding or extension plans for their production, storage or warehouse facilities have reached the stage for ordering protective mesh wall systems, there is no time to lose. Business must go on and for this purpose the mesh wall system as quickly as possible must be on site and it must work. Therefore, Axelent's entire organisation is structured to be able to serve the customers as quickly as possible.

To exemplify this, Axelent for instance guarantees a quotation, drawing included, within four hours. Besides, you can have delivery from Axelent on the same day as the order arrives, for as long as the order arrives at Axelent before 2 PM. To be able to effect delivery as quickly as this, you must have a combination of up-to-date machinery equipment, a big warehouse in Hillerstorp and a network of European subsidiaries.

Axelent has approximately 50 employees working with Axelent products throughout the world over subsidiaries and agencies. About 30 people of the employees have their work in Hillerstorp. There are fully or partial owned companies in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. One of the Swedish salesmen is also responsible for sales in Norway and the sales in Denmark are handled by a local salesman.

In Spain, Finland, the USA, Italy, Singapore and Poland the sales are carried out by proper agents.

- For the time being, the US market is the most interesting one, Stefan Axelsson says, and we believe that it will grow strongly in 2004. We are investigating in a US sales company.

SafeStore is the ultimate solution to protect goods from falling down from the pallet shelves. Offers a safe, tidy and easy-to-use storage. FlexiGuard is also available in plastics and sheet-metal.

Slightly more than half the production with Axelent is being distributed directly to the machine builders. These machines have to be safeguarded and labelled before even being started by the customers. The most effective way to safeguard the machine is simply to enclose the dangerous parts or the entire machine with protective mesh walls. Another import customer group with Axelent is the warehouse designers.

Recently, the world's largest manufacturer of warehouse racking systems, Dexion, tried to find a long-range collaborator and supplier of mesh walls — they found Axelent.

- The reason for choosing Axelent was based on the fact that we have another way of thinking regarding delivery times, production and administration, Stefan Axelsson says.

When the American John Doe enters the storage room of his US IKEA to fetch the foldable table Jussi, he will find the narrow parcel waiting on a mesh shelf from Axelent.

- We can deliver the product at the exact time needed and our flexible thinking can cope with the sudden shifting to be expected at a time when IKEA is establishing a great number of new warehouses, Stefan Axelsson says.

Stefan Axelsson, sales manager with Axelent, believes in an increasing US market.

Footnote: At the homepage you will find brochures, product descriptions and special order specification forms.


Axelent AB

(Axelent AB)

Telefon: 0370373730

Kävsjöv. 17

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