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New business in Poland and Germany

The inauguration of the new production hall provide momentum  for the celebration of 50 years in the plastics industry. "This will be an exciting year," says CEO Michael Jonsson.
It is the third production hall which is expected to be completed  in March. It will provide an entirely new flow in logistics. Previously it had been a warehouse,  It was empty when the finished warehouse was moved to The M-logistik location..

-Because of this we did not have to expand, just renovate. It also created more space for machinery, says Michael Jonsson.

The new production hall provides better flow in logistics. "We also created more space for machines in the long run," said Michael Jonsson, CEO.

Great opportunities in 2013

He looks at the new year with great anticipation. He is convinced that by 2013 great opportunities will arise.

-Yes, there are some concerns here and there in the market, but for us, it feels really, really good.

He makes the comparison with Swedish hockey players who move to the NHL. The rink becomes concentrated, the tempo is fast, the tackles becomes harder, it becomes more painful, but you still have to score goals.

-Although the market is tough, we do not want to change our plan, we just have to work harder to reach our goal of more business, which there always is, says Michael.

New business in Poland and Germany

Recently AD-plastics has opened up business opportunities in Poland and Germany. It has sharpened its workflow rates, delivery reliability and quality.

But the plastic industry's major challenge , he says, is all about increasing profitability. Industry at large suffers from poor profitability.

-Maybe it has to do with productivity, which can always be increased. It may mean acquiring more dedicated employees," says Michael.

The new material dryers where the granules are processed for later use in injection molding.

Dedicated employees provides success

The latter has always been a priority for AD-plastic. To create team spirit among the 40 people, to be seen as a leader and individual. For example it means Michael is always present and available to the staff during all shifts before they start, every working day of the week.

-Being enthusiastic about your job cannot be taken for granted. Everyone in the company plays a very important role for the company and the community, "says Michael who wishes everyone took pride and a responsibility for his or her task, regardless of the size of their salaries.

AD-plastic has long been a leader in the industry when it comes to glass-reinforced plastics. Today plastic parts replace metal parts. These plastic parts contain 60% fiberglass for extra strength and durability.

Events and festivities during the year

The 50th anniversary will provide an opportunity to strengthen team spirit through various events during the year. Ad Plast has planned  a major party for both the personnel, suppliers and customers.

AD-plast was founded in 1963 by Donald Lorin, at first focusing on tool manufacturing and then eventually with increasing focus on injection molding of plastics.

Michael came into the picture after running a smaller operation between 1986 and 1993. Actually, he had thought about selling his business, but the following year, in the midst of the banking crisis, he did just the opposite. Michael ‘s M-plast with three employees and a turnover of 4.2 million bought AD-plastic with 28 employees and a turnover of 28 million.
-It has been a fantastic journey.

Text & photo: Gabriella Mellergårdh.


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